New England House Open Studio 2015

New England House Open Studios 2015

New England House Open Studio 2015

12noon - 8pm
New England House, New England Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4GQ, UK

For the sixteenth year in a row the artists, designers and makers of New England House – organised by the amazing Rowena Gilbert – are opening their studios to sell a huge variety of Christmas goodies.

Exhibitor List

Level 3 North Side
Shelley Morrow – Figurative Watercolours & Embroideries
Laura Ryan – Paintings, Illustrations, Prints & Cards
Poppy Veale – Drawings
Milo Hartnoll – Oil Paintings
Jake Spicer – Paintings, Drawings, Prints & Books
Mary Martin – Drawings & Etchings
The Illustrated Mind – Illustrated T-Shirts, Prints, Zines
Unit 3
Lara Aldridge Glass – Kiln Formed Decorative Glass Pieces & Panels
Unit 4
Finch Ceramics – Bird Chatter Pottery & Ceramic Gifts
Liz Schwarz – Ceramic & Jewellery Art Pieces
Jackalope Clothing – Animal Related Tees & Sweaters
Unit 5
Special Delivery Cards – 3D Animal Cards for all Occasions
Level 4 South Side (Accessible by Lift or Outside Stairwell)
Unit 11
Torba – Scarves, Bags, Cushions
Level 5 North Side (Accessible by Lift or Outside Stairwell)
Unit 3
Rowena Gilbert – Contemporary Ceramics
Ken Eardley – Handbuilt Functional Ceramics
Brett James – Lustreware Art Pottery
Simon Mathews – Hand Thrown Ceramics
Saya McNairn-Yanagi – Ceramic Artwork & Christmas Decorations
Joel Herron – Sci-Fi & Life Drawings
Angela Evans – Handmade Ceramic Tiles
Mary Fellows – Tea Towels, Mugs & Cufflinks
Tiki – Contemporary Resin Jewellery
Wolfram Lohr – Classic Handmade Leather Accessories
Tanja Ufer – Precious Jewellery with Gemstones
Amanda Doughty – Contemporary Precious Jewellery
Kathie Murphy – Colourful Resin Jewellery
Emily Thatcher – Contemporary Precious Jewellery
Mary Moox – Old Little Creaturesa
Mia Underwood – Illustrator & Maker
Unit 7
Hutch – Screen Prints & Stencil Art
Unit 10
Icky Bee – Hand Embroidery and Crochet
Level 5 South Side (Accessible by Lift or Outside Stairwell)
Sam Williams – Limited Edition Prints
Mark Bristow – Photography
Peter James Field – Books, Cards, Etchings & Giclees
Adam Stower – Prints, Illustration, Children’s Books
Clive Sefton – Silkscreen Printed Word Searches & Type
Petting Zoo Prints – Limited Edition Screen-Printed Posters
Michele White – Typographic Posters
HummingbirdHawkmoth – Handmade Jewellery
Nangle Knits – Snoods, Blankets & Vintage-T Cushions
Xray Bex Art – Cards & Prints in Bleach
Unit 9
Rea Stavropoulos – Paintings, Prints, Books, Cards, Calendars
Javier Quintanilla – Artist’s Books, Paperworks, 3D Work
Level 6
North Side (Accessible by Lift or Outside Stairwell)
Unit 26
Tess Hurrell – Photographs, Video & Posters
Unit 27
Dupenny – Retro Curious Wallpaper, Art Prints, Homewares
Unit 34
John Moore – Contemporary Jewellery
Cara Tonkin – Contemporary Silver Jewellery
Level 6 South Side (Accessible by Lift or Outside Stairwell)
Unit 4
Sukie – Notebooks, Hankies, Bags &Gifts
Unit 7
Liz & Pip – Stationery, Greeting Cards, Notebooks, Giftwrap
Unit 9
Bob & Blossom – Kids & Baby Clothing
Unit 10
Odd In Common – Art, Book, Knit & Gifts


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