Angela Evans shed in vegetable patch
Angela’s pottering shed in the vegetable patch

About Angela Evans tiles

Angela Evans glaze test tiles
Glaze test tiles

Angela makes and glazes her ceramic feature tiles entirely by hand. Starting with wet clay, she uses a mixture of traditional methods and her own special techniques to create unique tiles which have a totally different quality to ordinary factory-made ones.

She applies earthenware glazes to the fired tiles by hand.

Angela Evans soapdish in its natural habitat
Soapdish in its natural habitat

Angela takes some of the inspiration for her designs from the garden:  fruit, vegetables, flowers, butterflies and birds. To this domestic menagerie she adds more exotic fish, lizards and imagined creatures. She also draws on the landscapes and cityscapes of Sussex.


Angela Evans making a mirror
Angela in the studio

Angela has been making her tiles since 1992 when she completed her BA in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics at Brighton University. After graduation she spent some years in the studio of Kate Malone, previously one of the judges on the BBC’s Great Pottery Throwdown. In 1998, she relocated from London’s trendy Hoxton Square to a larger studio in her home town, Brighton, East Sussex on the south coast of England.

Angela Evans Painting on the beach
Painting on the beach

Angela now works from a purpose-built studio in the vegetable garden.

Angela Evans shed panorama
Organised chaos inside the studio

Books and TV

She has exhibited at Chelsea Craft Fair in London, Hatfield House and Hidden Art of Hackney and has been featured on Channel 4’s Collectors’ Lot. She has also created designs for Fired Earth. See Press Cuttings.

You can find Angela’s tiles in a number of books including:
The Tile, Kenneth Clark MBE
1000 Tiles: Ten Centuries of Decorative Ceramics, Gordon Lang
20th Century Decorative British Tiles: Craft and Studio Tile Makers, Chris Blanchett
Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles, Mike Jones, Janis Fanning.

Other ceramic work

Apart from ceramic tiles Angela makes wall plaques, sconces, candle holders, Christmas decorations, panels, plates, bowls and flower pots for the home and garden. She sells through selected shops and galleries and at shows around Sussex and Surrey.

Angela also produces mirrors, panels and furniture using one-off tile designs to individual commission. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Interior design projects include the King’s Brasserie at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, London.

Angela has taught tile-making courses, including at West Dean College, and does ceramic projects in schools.

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